Employ Illinois is a comprehensive resource for established workforce training and apprenticeship programs to help minorities, women and disadvantaged workers gain marketable skills and jobs in transportation and highway construction trades.

Under Employ Illinois, participants are matched with established pre-apprenticeship training programs to develop the skills and training they need to work on construction sites and begin the process of becoming journeymen in the construction trades. In addition, contractors and employers can tap into the pool of skilled workers and receive a $15- per-hour incentive for hiring Employ Illinois graduates.

Everyone wins with Employ Illinois. Graduates are put on the pathway to lifelong careers. Contractors have an eager workforce ready to learn and rebuild their communities. And the state benefits, too, by driving down unemployment, giving people a chance at a good job, the opportunity to own a home, raise a family and stabilize their community.

Employ Illinois builds on the Illinois Department of Transportation and Illinois Tollway commitments to create opportunities to not only invest in roads and bridges, but in human capital too.

Employ Illinois Fact Sheet

For help deciding which Employ Illinois program is right for you, click here.

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