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Carrie Kowalski, Consultant Unit Chief

Carrie Kowalski, Consultant Unit Chief

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Mary Coombe-Bloxdorf, Coombe-Bloxdorf, P.C.

Mary Coombe-Bloxdorf, Coombe-Bloxdorf, P.C.

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Prequalification as a Prime Consultant / Subconsultant

All architectural/engineering consultants interested in providing services for IDOT, whether as a prime or subconsultant, must be prequalified with IDOT.

IDOT prequalifies architectural/engineering consultants in multiple transportation service categories. Prequalification is based on the firm’s and the individual’s experience.

Who is eligible to apply?

Engineering consultants that meet the minimum requirements for prequalification in at least one of the 52 work categories are eligible.

What are the benefits?

Once prequalified, consultant engineering firms are eligible to do work for IDOT as a prime consultant.

Subconsultants must be prequalified in the applicable category of work.

For more information on prequalification as a Prime Consultant / Subconsultant, please click here

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